Why Bamboo?

Here at Spacewhite, we care deeply about the environment, and our goal is to help everyday Aussies make small changes to decrease the amount of plastic in their homes and care for the environment.

When we discovered the impact of toilet paper manufacturing in Australia, including mass deforestation, we knew we wanted to make a difference.

15% of all deforestation
is from toilet paper

Your favourite Australian made toilet paper brands are cutting down Aussie forests so that you can wipe your bum.

27,000 trees are cut down
every day across the globe

That’s just for toilet paper alone. This is a serious issue and we want to help.

That’s where
bamboo comes in

Bamboo is the sustainable alternative to toilet paper made from trees. Technically a grass and not a tree, bamboo is an incredible plant that’s changing the way we think about toilet paper. But why is it so great?

Fast-growing and sustainable

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on the planet, with some species growing up to 1 metre in 24 hours! It doesn’t need to be replanted and will keep growing after being harvested. Bamboo only takes 5 years to mature, compared to most trees which take around 100 years.

Makes for a happy planet

Bamboo uses less water than trees.

It removes up to 35% more CO2 from the air than trees and is less damaging to the environment when harvested.

It reduces soil erosion. Bamboo is harvested by hand, not machines, so there are no fumes to pollute the area and affect the soil.

Bye-bye plastic!

Our bamboo toilet paper is completely plastic-free. Even the sticky tape is compostable! Each roll is individually wrapped to stay hygienic and delivered to your door in a cardboard box.

Want to try
a kinder way to clean?

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