“It’s only one plastic
bottle peg bag box
said 8 billion people.

Our Story

Spacewhite started because our founder saw the impact that plastic pollution was having on our world, and he didn’t want to see his younger daughter grow up on a dying planet.

So the idea began...

Ending plastic waste, one

at a time.

Every single one of us can make a small impact based on our purchases and shopping habits.

If we keep refusing to buy products covered in plastic, the demand will decrease, and businesses will have to look for environmentally friendly alternatives. We need to put a stronger focus on reducing consumption and waste first, before reusing and recycling.

Our Impact

Why Spacewhite

Here at Spacewhite, we believe that we can make a difference.
We provide:

A convenient way for Aussies to shop for household items.
Affordable options that are comparable to what you’ll find in supermarkets
Sustainable alternatives that don’t compromise on quality or cleaning power.
An easy way for you to reduce your plastic intake and do your bit to help the environment.
Products that aren’t just good for the environment, but for your health as well. No nasty chemicals here!
Support by giving back by donating to environmental causes such as Plastic Oceans Australasia.

Explore Spacewhite products

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Explore Spacewhite products

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Our Promise

All-natural ingredients
No single-use plastics
Kind on the environment

What’s next?

In just 5 years we want to grow Spacewhite to become one of Australia’s leading sustainable brands.
Our goals are:

To be stocked in supermarkets across Australia, so it’ll be more accessible to stock up on Spacewhite essentials.

To build a factory here in Australia, so we will move production from China and your favourite Spacewhite products will be proudly Aussie made.

To build our own dedicated recycling factory, so we can repurpose any production waste into household products, such as mops.

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