What is EO Water?

When you use your Spacewhite Antibacterial EO Water Generator, you’re applying a low-voltage electrical charge to salt and water.

This creates EO Water, which is scientifically referred to as Hypochlorous Acid (HClO).

Why is HClO good for cleaning?

Hypochlorous acid naturally exists in our white blood cells. When our body is invaded by bacteria and viruses, our white blood cells release HClO to kill them.

By using HClO spray to clean your home, you’re using the same process our bodies use to fight infections.

That’s why HClO is so gentle on skin, and 100% safe for household use.

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The Electrolysis Process

Salt is made of sodium and chloride. Water is made up of hydrogen and oxygen. During electrolysis, the low-voltage electrical charge breaks up the molecules within the salt and the water, to form new, more powerful molecules.

One of those power molecules is sodium hydroxide. The other is hypochlorous acid. Together these give EO Water the cleaning and antibacterial power of bleach, without the nasty chemicals.