30 Day Guarantee

We’re so sure you’ll love our planet-friendly products – but if you don’t, we’ll take them off your hands.
  • If, within 30 days of delivery of your products, you are not totally satisfied with the Spacewhite® Antibacterial EO Water Generator, you may return the products and receive a full refund.
  • Please contact us within 30 days of the trial period.
  • Please note that all returns requests require proof of a valid order receipt.
  • The products must be returned with the original sealed packaging.
  • To return your products, you must visit S.F. Stores Locations. We will pay the return postage costs (Cash on Delivery).
  • Please provide the corresponding S.F. Waybill No. and we will try our best to provide you with a response in a timely manner.
  • Upon receipt of your returned product, your refund will be processed.
  • Any part of any product that is found to be is artificially cracked, rusted, corroded, cracked, bumped, damaged, incomplete or showing evidence of other surface damage are no longer eligible for the return.
  • Our return policy is limited to one (1) return of maximum five (5) antibacterial EO water generators to be returned or exchanged per customer. All returns are only applicable to a customer’s first order. Please contact us directly within the first 30 days to lodge a return request.