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Where Are Spacewhite Products Made?

July 6, 2021   By Spacewhite Green Team

We’ve been getting some questions about where our products come from, so we created this post to answer some of your most asked questions! There is a big push to support locally and sustainably made products, but that’s not always possible. 

Spacewhite aims to reduce single-use plastic in the home and work towards the continuous development of environmentally friendly products for the planet and our customers. We’ve got big plans and are excited to take you on our journey as a small environmentally-conscious business.

Where are your products manufactured?

Our products are responsibly made in China. When we began working on the idea for Spacewhite, we wanted to keep production within Australia but quickly realised that this wasn’t possible for affordability or sustainability. There are few recycled toilet paper producers in Australia, and they were still using plastic packaging, which honestly wasn’t good enough for us. Recycled toilet paper is great, but it isn’t as soft for your bum as bamboo. To create a high-quality, sustainable product, we needed to set up production in China. 

We carefully selected an ethical manufacturer from the home of the biggest bamboo forest in China for our bamboo products. They use a closed-loop system, which means the water they use is recycled during the production process. They also use an elemental chlorine-free method to treat the bamboo tree pulp, eliminating over 90% of dioxins that would otherwise be released into the environment.

However, we know we can do better. We’re currently producing a new range of products that will be made in Victoria, Australia. Our goal is to build our own factory right here in Australia, so we can proudly ensure all our products are made in Australia.

Why do you use bamboo to make your toilet paper, tissues and paper towels?

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on the planet. It doesn’t need to be replanted and is harvested once a year. If you compare that to standard toilet paper, 27,000 trees are cut down every day to make toilet paper, tissues and paper towels, which can’t even be recycled.

Bamboo can be made into many different products, but we love it for our toilet paper, tissues and paper towels because it is incredibly soft and strong, so it doesn’t rip easily, and it’s kind on your skin.

By sourcing and manufacturing our products in China, we avoid cutting down trees in our beloved home country of Australia. Click here to read more about bamboo.

Are you supporting local jobs in Australia?

Our team is small but mighty, and we are based in Melbourne, Australia. Our company also indirectly employs a significant number of people in local jobs through our warehousing and shipping partners. 

A large number of Aussie workers are involved in the process of picking, packing and delivering Spacewhite products to customers Australia wide. As we continue to grow, we will be able to create more jobs in Australia. By shopping with us, you help make that happen, so thank you!

We are also working on a new range of products being manufactured right here in Victoria, Australia, further supporting local jobs, and will continue to do so once we build our own factory. 

What are the working conditions like in your factories in China? 

While many factories in China are unethical and treat their employees poorly, we have worked hard to ensure that our Chinese partners are following ethical business practices while creating high-quality products. This includes the treatment of employees, operating in safe working conditions and being paid a decent living wage.

Does shipping your products from overseas negatively impact the environment?

Something important to note about household products such as laundry detergent and toilet paper is that the production process and sourcing of the raw materials make up most of the carbon footprint rather than the transport process. This is why we choose to only use sustainably sourced materials in our products. 

Many of our products are also focused on reducing the size and weight of cleaning products. For example, our laundry sheets help reduce our transport pollution by up to 94% compared to bulky powder and liquid alternatives.

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