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Zero-Waste Hacks TikTok Taught Us

September 6, 2021   By Spacewhite Green Team

Just in case you missed it, TikTok now has over a billion monthly active users! And for those yet to be initiated, you’d be surprised by the amount of TikTok videos that are helpful, informative, and entertaining — you just might get hooked too! 

Tiktok has a unique digital presence, and it turns out it’s a great platform for specific interest groups. Among others, eco-friendly types are finding a place to be heard. 

While you can find sustainability tips on pretty much every digital space, it seems like educating the public is more effective on Tiktok with its easy-to-watch, easy-to-do content.

Eco bag on kitchen counter with food in jars and fresh fruits

As more and more Tiktok influencers post about sustainability with their digestible videos, one can’t help but dip their toes into the sustainable lifestyle. 

After all, with hashtags trending all the time, we know that social media is a useful tool for spreading awareness on social and political issues.

Rather than sharing a random compilation that is currently trending, we’re hoping to paint an eco-friendly “day in a life”, covering a typical weekend instead.

Making compost from leftovers.

Just imagine yourself waking up to a zero-waste bathroom, preparing breakfast in a zero-waste kitchen, then experiencing an eco-friendly drive as you head to the shops for some sustainable groceries.

We hope this inspires you to spend your day engaging in activities that leave less of a carbon footprint.

Shall we give this a try then? 

Zero-waste bathroom hacks

Spacewhite sustainable toilet paper and soap.
How often should you be showering? 

We know that waking up a little later on the weekend is a pleasure most of us enjoy. 

But as soon as you get up from that bed and hit the shower, you might just want to rethink your water consumption.

Check out this #showertok tip with 2.1M views on showering … and find out why a dermatologist approves! 

Who knew that less shower time could factor into your skincare routine?

Eco-friendly periods

To all the ladies, eco-friendly swaps are the best thing to try when you are on your period. 

You’ll be shocked by how much waste we are contributing every month. Plastic period products are not the greatest for the planet.

Here’s a video tip on how to use a menstrual cup for a zero-waste period. 

Now just in case you’re still iffy about those menstrual cups, here’s another eco-friendly alternative: reusable pads

Try either one of these sustainable products! What matters is we save both money and the planet, right? 

More bathroom #cleantok 

We often use plastic in our bathroom that we dispose of regularly. So how can we switch to zero waste living? Find the alternative products you can adopt with this zero-waste bathroom tour. 

This DIY soap lift is also just as incredible!

Upcycling and reusing kitchen thingamabobs

Milk cartons and mason jars for a thrift flip

Let’s get creative with those milk cartons, shall we? (And no, we’re not talking about the milk crate challenge.)

Those plastic lids can be of good use with your mason jars, and they look cute too! 

While you reuse and upcycle those mason jars, you can throw the rest of the milk carton scraps in the recycle bin and leave zero wastage.

Get baking

We usually have time to spare for baking those chewy chocolate chip cookies on weekends. 

Whatever you typically bake with tin foil or parchment paper, you could save a lot of money with these silicone baking mats that will last for years. 

Reuse pet water for your plants

One of the easiest eco-friendly hacks that you might not have considered is reusing your pet water. 

So before you go out to run that errand, don’t forget to leave your pet with some clean water. But wait! You don’t have to pour yesterday’s bowl down the drain. Used water will come in handy for your plants. 

Sustainability tips for a sustainable drive

Eco-friendly car stuff

Ready to hit the road for that weekend road trip? Keep in mind these eco-friendly tips that you can incorporate into your drive.  

Passing by a coffee shop and want to grab an iced coffee along the way? Why not bring your own tumbler or straw? Pop them inside your car for a zero-waste journey. 

Going carless is preferable for the environment

Just to show you how some environmentalists take sustainable living to another level, many prefer a carless lifestyle. 

What, did we hear that right — carless? That might seem a little challenging for the beginner, but think of the benefits of cutting down our fossil fuel use.

We can learn a thing or two from this eco-friendly living hack. It’s more about looking for ways to be more economical when it comes to transportation.

And if the weather calls for it, a bike ride sounds like a perfect weekend outing. ☀️

To use or not to use plastic during grocery shopping

laundry basket, milk crate, mason jars and Tupperware.
Bring your own basket and eco-friendly bags

We are well aware of those eco-friendly canvas bags or old plastic bags you can reuse. But are you open to the idea of just maybe chucking your laundry basket in the car? 

You don’t have to buy an eco-friendly bag to consider yourself an eco-warrior. It pays to reuse!

What you can stop buying

Maybe consider adding some of these eco-friendly items to your cart. It’s best to avoid buying things that can only worsen your carbon footprint. 

Innovative storage plans for minimal food waste

Smartly storing produce in the fridge to avoid rotting does not only help keep your produce fresh, but it also allows you to save on petrol as you don’t have to return to the supermarket frequently!

Here are some zero waste kitchen hacks to end food waste that are also friendly to your budget.


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Eco-friendly packaging

Ordering on Amazon? 

Here’s an eco-friendly hack for your next Amazon purchase. You might have to go the extra mile, but that mile will sure be worth it!

Packaging for small businesses

Are you managing a small business and still have some deliveries to take care of? Perhaps it’s time to consider this hack for fragile packaging that is 100% recyclable, compostable, and biodegradable. Honeycomb craft packaging paper.

Small gift items? Try out this no-brainer, DIY packaging. 

Key takeaways for a sustainable lifestyle

Being aware of what’s going on with the environment is the best way to stay up to date.

But, more often than not, these TikTokers are driven by a common goal and a shared desire to slow or reverse the effects of climate change. 

Who knows, maybe this zero waste TikTok compilation may kickstart your eco-friendly journey.

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