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Comparing Laundry Sheets And Bottled Laundry Detergent

May 18, 2021   By Spacewhite Green Team

Clean clothes and laundry detergent go hand in hand. Whether stained with mud or chocolate, we chuck our clothes in the washing machine, load it up with liquid detergent, press start and say hello to clean!

Have you ever thought about the impact of your bulky liquid washing detergent on the environment? The scary fact is that every single plastic item ever created still exists to this day. Yes, laundry powder is an alternative, but both powder and liquid detergents are filled with chemicals that are not the best for your skin or the ocean.

With the growing attention on sustainable products that aren’t niche and expensive, is there an alternative to environmentally harmful laundry products?

Eco-friendly laundry detergent sheets

Today’s market is saturated with laundry products that offer cleaning power and stain removal, but they’re not always environmentally conscious.

There shouldn’t have be a choice between health and clean clothes. Consumers should have the option for both without breaking the bank.

The latest product to enter the market is eco-friendly laundry detergent sheets. They offer high-efficiency stain removal without compromising your skin and health. Unlike traditional laundry products, they are completely zero-waste and plant-derived so you won’t have to worry about your safety or the environment.

Packaged in small boxes, they take up much less physical space compared to liquid detergent. The packaging is compostable and the laundry sheets themselves fully dissolve in the wash, leaving no residue.

For those who prefer to do their shopping remotely, laundry sheets are currently available online via delivery rather than in stores. 

Making the switch from liquid laundry detergent to eco-friendly options have never been this easy. But does this eco-friendly option truly stand the test of cleaning?

Difference in cleaning power?

Laundry detergents are used to wash clothes, whether that be to remove stains, odour or just a freshen up. Sounds simple and straightforward, but the wide range of choices on most supermarket shelves suggests otherwise.

In choosing the right cleaning product, consumers consider a lot of factors, including stain removal, amount of suds, products for different fabrics and even compatibility with a fabric softener. Often, these household products use chemicals that are not the best thing for you.

That means that most liquid detergents do offer substantial cleaning power in stain removal. While capable of removing tough stains, the chemical residue remains on clothes long after washing, leaving you to breathe it all in as you wear your clothes.

Laundry sheets are eco-friendly and do not compromise cleaning for being green. The sheets can be used in washing machines or by hand, leaving you with fresh clean clothes and a greener environment. 

Blending toughness on stains and dirt while providing softness for your clothes, Spacewhite offers standard or stain and odour laundry sheets that are guaranteed to meet your washing demands, whatever they are.

Stain remover and sensitive skin lover

Most laundry options such as bottled liquid detergent and fabric softeners contain chemicals that are designed to efficiently remove tough stains and with the least number of wash cycles.  

When doing laundry, it is inevitable that our hands will come into direct contact with these products. While often overlooked, consistent exposure to chemicals found in detergents and other like products are not the best thing for you.

Long term effects on the environment notwithstanding, our skin is being subjected to the harsh nature of bottled detergents. Rarely do these products contain ingredients that safeguards the user. Do you ever get that tingling or itchy feeling after touching detergent? That’s what we’re talking about. 

True, there are hypoallergenic products offered but most, if not all, do not protect consumers’ skin. Doing your laundry doesn’t have to be painful.

Laundry sheets, on the other hand, are designed for sustainability without using harmful chemicals. Your clothes will come out of the wash fresh and stain free.

Chemical free and capable of dealing with tough stains, laundry sheets keep both your clothes and skin soft and pampered.

Time to say goodbye to bottled detergents!

We have been using bottled laundry detergents for so long now that changing cleaning routines and going for a greener alternative is scary. You might be familiar with your brand, or apprehensive about purchasing online. 

Going green without sacrificing quality is possible! With the options of scented or fragrance-free, you can protect the environment and your own skin. 

Trust us, your clothes and the environment will love you for this.

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